Innovation + Tradition = Enduring Value

The Replacement Housing Services Consortium combines innovative thinking with traditional craftsmanship to create extraordinary value for our clients.

These days, a home is not just a place to live – it’s a major financial asset that requires careful management to achieve its potential. Our goal is to help our clients achieve this potential while creating the home that meets their needs and lifestyle.

Our approach employs three strategies―Retrofitting, Transformation, and Full Replacement―tailored to fit each client’s particular circumstances and budget. We use a proprietary array of analytical tools to determine which strategy is the best fit and offers the greatest potential―not just for present enjoyment, but for future resale value.

Whatever the strategy, we pay extraordinary attention to detail, execution, and follow-through. And while our thinking may be cutting-edge, when it comes to building we insist on time-tested, classic design principles and materials.

Our homes are modeled after classic American homes of the 1930s and 1940s. Our work captures these homes’ timeless charm and quality craftsmanship, while adding modern amenities such as master bedroom suites, open floor plans, mudrooms, and energy-efficient technology.

The result is a superior home with solid investment value, one that is built for the long-term with potential for further expansion as the clients’ needs or lifestyle change.

Details of Exceptional Workmanship by Replacement Housing Services